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Awesome Wood Concrete House Design Ideas


Welcome into unique wood concrete residence! Enjoy the wonderful feeling here in which you won’t receive it from different designs. Certainly, the uniqueness has observed from the façade home. It is explained with large wooden buildings out of dark glossed pallet wood. Both interior spaces stand while produce long hallways with deck. Obvious, it is not only divides it but additionally the minimalist front lawn garden with lotus pond.

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Well, have a peek at the building in detail and nearer. Every wooden dugout is propped with fuzzy glass door. Further, among these is inserted with floating concrete interior space. In reality, it is the area for the stairs with large narrow window. As you probably know, the alfresco sets places close to the swimming pool beneath white solar light parasol. Second, I introduce terrific wood concrete home with small balcony. The open next floor space are you going to meet right after you upward stair. Alright, the imaginative pallet wood wall in light brown really occupies the sight. Further, a number of wood substance also looms on the floor.

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Finally, I’ve beach stained wood produce home. The concrete wall carries wood grain style in light grey. Though, the wall from wood employs light brown and charcoal. This escape has big outdoor space with shady shrub and ocean view. You may enjoy it to the lawn with broad concrete succulent planter. Indeed, this living is also unique due to the thoughtful idea. But you free to select 1 base in your own faith.